Good books are found in the past

“Progress is made by dreamers, “ writes Richard Russell, noted expert of collectible literature and author of Antique Trader Book Collector’s Price Guide, in regards to the integral role of literature in education and society as a whole. “Who told man he could travel underwater, or build machines that fly, a scientist, or Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis, in 1626? The dream precedes the reality.”

book collector's price guideFor centuries literature has inspired, encouraged, and informed people from all walks of life, and in just as much has become a popular collectible of many. There is a reason nearly every university has courses on classic literature, why more community book clubs are adding classics to their lists, and why auction houses continue to set records with sales featuring great literature of the past. This autumn, auction blocks have been busy with the show and sale of premiere classics including, The Cyder-Maker’s Instructor (1762) which fetched $26,400 at a Swann Galleries auction in September. An illusive find, this auction marked the first time a Boston produced copy of this book had appeared at auction since 1917, according to the Sold@Auction column, Fine Books & Collections magazine. This wasn’t the only notable piece of literature to generate attention at Swann Galleries this autumn. A first edition trade issue, signed copy of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (1953) sold for $3,120 in October, while a limited-edition first edition of the same book, by the original publisher and signed by Bradbury, sold for $7,800.

Although the literary discoveries you make may not reach that level of notoriety, there are plenty of fantastic selections to be found and cherished. If for no other reason than to return to a time of pure literary creativity, suggests Russell. In his new edition of the Antique Trader Book Collector’s Price Guide, Russell provides an exciting exploration of collectible books, complete with author name, publisher, city and year of publication, and pricing in Near-Fine/Fine and Good-Very/ Good. Organized into 14 categories including, Americana, banned, modern first editions, mystery, and a new chapter on vanity press, among others, each is arranged alphabetically by author and features a list of 10 classic rarities. Plus, you’ll find a first edition identifier and list of methods at the back of the book that will is a valuable tool in your collecting.

Whether you’re a collector with a hearty appreciation for collectible books, an avid fan of various forms of literature, or are interested in finding out if any treasures reside on your shelves, this book is a must-have. For a limited time, when you order your copy of this new edition shipping to U.S. addresses is FREE! It makes a great stocking stuffer for your favorite fan of literature, and a great choice to add to your own Wish List at Be sure to order this book by December 8 at and include Coupon Code ATRBART120109 to qualify for FREE U.S. Shipping.

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