Important historical auction at Three Rivers, Feb. 17

WASHINGTON, Penn – The Three Rivers Auction Company has been commissioned by the family of General Edward Martin to offer at public auction select items belonging to the late General Martin and his family.

Many of the items relate directly to General Martin’s career as a military officer and public servant.

Edward Martin, soldier, governor, senator, author, business and family man, had a career that spanned more than 60 years, serving as a soldier and politician. His career included stints as a General in the United States Army, decorated veteran of four wars – Spanish-American, Philippine Insurrection, WWI and WWII – as well as governor of Pennsylvania (1943-1947) and Senator (1947-1959).

Senator Martin served on the commission of the restoration of the White House in 1950 under the presidency of Harry Truman. 1951 AT 2-13.jpgAt this time he was given items (wooden glass top display table, small wooden chest and a small wooden chest with a wooden gavel,) all made from the material removed from the reconstruction. These items will be included in the auction.

A selection of the rare and valuable collection of Edward Martin on the block at Three Rivers in late February.

Martin was an avid autograph collector, some of those autographs, representing: presidents (Truman, Hoover, Garfield, Grant, Cleveland, F. Roosevelt, Nixon, Kennedy, etc.), along with senators, political leaders, generals (MacArthur) and more.

Martin was also a collector of Currier & Ives lithographs, ranging from
medium folios to large folios. In his lifetime he amassed a large quantity.
The sale will be offering more than 70 different images.

Martin also collected rifles; many from his military career and some much earlier (Winchester, Henry, Volcanic, Sharps, Springfield, Spencer and more), more than 20 of which will be in the sale.

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