Wayne, Mitchum on the trail to El Dorado

Big John Wayne made quite a few movies during his lifetime, counting among his onscreen portrayals a myriad of professions, including Navy skipper, Marine flier, police detective, heavyweight boxer, airline pilot, government agent, sea captain, and football player.

Westerns You Should See

What makes a Western film a Western? Is it just good guys in white hats vs. bad guys in black hats? Is it just the presence of horses, six-shooters and a fight in the town saloon? I hope not.

Naveen Andrews — Lost and Found

If director Quentin Tarantino was stranded on a desert island, the cast of the hit ABC television drama Lost — namely star Naveen Andrews — would be high on his list of preferred fellow castaways.

As Seen on TV – Twilight Zone – 5th Season

We TV collectors might seem odd in that we collect the series we already know well from having watched countless times before. But seeing something “fresh” isn’t the point, is it? In the case of The Twilight Zone, there’s always more to discover and appreciate in repeat viewings ...

Hurricane Express: Vintage Black Cinema

Hollywood musicals have been with us ever since “talkies” appeared on the scene about 75 years ago. Although most musicals were geared toward mainstream audiences, a surprising number were aimed at niche markets. “Niche” is just a polite way of saying rural white folks or urban black folks.