Standing Tall in the Shadows

Dick Baxter worked in the entertainment business for more than 40 years. With a history like that, you know he has some stories to tell — and he does in his new book Standing Tall in the Shadows: Memoirs of a Hollywood Manager.

Baxter  owned and operated Dick Baxter Management since 1963, working with Dale Evans, actress Catherine McLeod, singer Anacani (Lawrence Welk show) and Joanie Hal, among others. In the 184-page book, Baxter shares some personal moments he’s had with stars and how their relationships evolved over time.

There are a lot of great photos throughout the book, including many intimate photos you won’t see anywehere else. Baxter also does a fine job capturing the accomplishments of the actors and actresses he worked with, including filmographies at the end of each chapter.

Standing Tall in the Shadows is available for $20 from