Beth’s Treasure: Part V

George and his brother Jack both were picked to be in the Allied Forces Exhibition Golf team, which allowed them to see more of Europe (such as Monte Carlo) than they otherwise might have as ordinary soldiers.

red cross postcard
The American Red Cross provided this postcard addressed to George’s father, informing the family that George had safely arrived back in the Unites States, marking the end of his military service in Europe.

red cross postcard
The fact that the typeset of the signature doesn’t match the rest of the card coupled with the fact that this was the only postcard that didn’t close with “Your loving son,“ suggests that this was probably a standard message sent to the families of returning soldiers, to which the signature was typed in later.

young postcard collectoryoung postcard collector

Beth Gorman looking at the collection that she rescued from destruction. Although she found them in the album, most of the cards were stacked together with a rubber band and very few had been placed in the sleeves.

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This card showing native costumes of the Azores was one of the more exotic ones George sent to the folks back home.

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