Black postcards provide another, more rare, Halloween topic

It is evident that Halloween is one of the highly collected postcard holiday topics. The extreme prices on rare John Winsch publishing Halloween postcards have been recorded many times into the thousand dollars a card range to a low of about $100. The Ellen Clapsaddle postcards for Halloween range from $30 to $3000 each with the mechanical Halloween cards being the highest in price.

Many Halloween collectors are looking for new twists on collecting Halloween to keep them on a quest for unusual material, yet affordable. Some collectors have decided to look for Halloween party invitations, which have for years have been overlooked and are a silent addition to any collection. Other collectors who have never collected Halloween have decided to add a few cards to their regular collections. For example, the people who had collected playing cards on postcards have found a few Halloween with these motifs.

One of my favorite Halloween “side” collections is to look for African American images on Halloween postcards. These are not common and therefore, not cheap either. They range from cards designed by Sunbonnet artist Bernhardt Wall, to a mechanical designed by Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle. Some are completely unidentified as to artist or publisher but are still very striking images.

The most expensive in this category is the Clapsaddle mechanical with prices ranging from $1800 to $3000, depending on condition.  The lowest priced in this category not because of graphics but because there seems to be a greater supply is the Wall baby crawling towards a large Jack-O-Lantern saying, Who is o-o-o-o which sells for about $35-45 per card. In addition, this card is on soft paper and is most often not in the best condition. Two outstanding examples of Black images in postcards are series 6505 and 6508 but nothing is known of the artist of this work, yet, the cards sell for $100-250 each.

Whatever your Halloween quest, enjoy the holiday and the postcards. Boo!!!

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