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Kraemer postcards leave historic legacy – Part II

This is the second in a two-part series on Kraemer Company postcards of Cincinnati, Ohio. In the first part [published in the Feb. 3 issue] we learned the Kraemer Art Co. became famous for producing  private mailing cards among others. Collectors pursue Kraemer’s souvenir cards featuring important buildings, street scenes and skylines.

Postcard books are historical keepsakes

“Postcard of Lost Royals” and “Postcards From Utopia: The Art of Political Propaganda,” both with an introduction by Andrew Roberts, are two little books with big dreams; collections of postcards from days-gone-by and forgotten history.

Hawaiian postcards say “Aloha”

Hawaii became a unique tourist attraction early in the 20th century just as postcards were becoming firmly established as a means of colorful promotion and communication.

Burning stones: Mining history tells a dark tale

Despair settled in the grimy creases of a face made old through wear. His lungs sucked heavy dust with every breath, his bones deformed from repetitive labor. His hands are cut, and often bleed from handling thousands of stone shards. The boy is 8 years old and for whatever reason he has been sold...

The mischief makers

Our local super-store has one sad rack of postcards with little to tempt even the most avid collector. A hundred years ago the situation was vastly different. Almost every topic under the sun was depicted on postcards, but none appealed to the general buyer more than adorable children.