Postcard hobby alive and well at auction

The fall auction at the Lyn Knight gallery proved once again that the postcard hobby is alive and well. Bidding wars were fought for many fantastic postcards. Record prices were achieved on real photo postcards, as well as artist signed and Halloween. Large boxed lots were bought by eBay sellers and antique mall vendors.

The auction house was filled with interested buyers from across the country. The Lyn Knight staff provided excellent services, a very nice venue, elaborate catered free lunches and beverages, and clear overhead digital images on three wide screens during the bidding. High back adjustable chairs and tables from which each bidder can work made for a comfortable experience. The viewing rooms are well lighted and staff provided undivided attention during the previewing hours.

The renewed interest in art nouveau was seen with increased prices for Raphael Kirchner with most individual cards selling for $100 to $200 each. The rare Kirchner Christmas Series 2049 by BKWI sold for $2,500. The stained glass window Kirchner reached $400. Prices do not include a 15% buyers premium.

A rare La Danza Macabra series complete with all 54 cards and matching envelopes topped out at $8,500. This set features anti-Kaiser caricatures and highlights of the crimes of the Germans.

On a lighter note, the extensive collection of Outcault postcards including a great variety of calendar postcards featuring Blue Boy and the Yellow Kids were well received. The Blue Boy cards averaged $50 each, the Yellow Kid $100 to $150 each.

A wide variety of Samuel L Schmucker postcards including full silk, silk inserts, projections and novelty postcards were sold at a strong steady pace. The Halloween postcards of Schmucker reached some record setting prices of $300 to $1,000 each.

Artist signed material was strong with good prices achieved for Louis Wain, Schmucker, Outcault, Clapsaddle, Thiele, Kirchner, Kempf, and in the art deco and art nouveau realm.

Holiday postcards included an extensive collection of Halloween and hold-to-light Santa Claus images. The highest prices paid for a Halloween postcard and a hold-to-light Santa was $1,000 each. This sale contained the greatest number of different hold-to-light Santa postcards ever to have been sold at one time. There were nearly 200 different images. The holiday market has remained strong for many decades.

The real photo postcards of this sale included images that hammered down high prices. The black children golf caddy postcard brought $600, the Afro-American letter carrier and his RFD wagon $425, an Iowa veterinarian $240, a tattoo supply salesman $375 and a paper moon $160. The appreciation of real photo postcards as being nearly one-of-a-kind art images and an important source of social history has increased the interest and prices of these cards for several years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing in any way.

The entire auction and its results can be viewed on line at The same site will feature the material for the spring sale.

Enjoy this wonderful hobby, knowing that besides the great enjoyment you are receiving from the quest and conquest, it is also becoming a good future investment.