‘Seattle’ uses postcards to chart city’s history and curiosities

The latest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s Postcard History Series is Seattle, by Mark Sundquist. Filled from cover to cover with images of historic postcards selected from the author’s collection and the Pacific Northwest Postcard Club (pnpcc.com) collection, Seattle offers distinct views into the “queen city” from well over a century ago through its transformation into a booming metropolis, known as the “Gateway to Alaska” and successful postwar city.

The chronologically organized chapters in Seattle include Seattle’s Native American Heritage, followed by Early Years, The Making of a World-Class City, Roaring Teens and Twenties, Depression and War, Postwar Prosperity, and finally Seattle and a Brief History of Postcards.

With an advantageous location for maritime commerce, the discovery of coal and gold, and an unrivaled entrepreneurial spirit, Seattle had all it needed to make an early, rapid transformation from a rough frontier village to a modern city.

Author Mark Sundquist is a third generation Seattle resident and a longtime member of the Pacific Northwest Postcard Club. His goal for Seattle, which is richly illustrated with historic real-photo postcards, is to give readers a deeper appreciation for Seattle’s “dynamic and colorful story.”

The postcards included in Seattle illustrate some of the interesting historical facets of Washington State’s largest city; from the early sky-rise buildings to the mammoth old-growth trees, postcard and history enthusiasts will find enthralling images and information on each page, as the postcard images are each accompanied by detailed descriptions, putting the pictures in context with history. Who isn’t in awe at the sight of a tree stump so large it was made into a cabin and lived in?

Seattle is a brief trip into the Pacific Northwest as it once was, from the majesty of its old-growth forests to the energy and excitement of a successful boomtown and beyond. ?

Seattle, Mark Sundquist, 128 pages, softcover, $21.99, Arcadia Publishing, 888-313-2665. www.arcadiapublishing.com.

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