Pursuing the Marvelous: Spring is coming, and so is baseball

baseball postcard baseball postcardWe are all familiar with the great baseball postcards featuring Honus Wagner, the famed White Sox and Cubs teams and the super real photos of many local men and boys playing the sport. But I have always been attracted to the comic baseball postcards that take the baseball terminology and apply it to other things such as lovers. A Base Hit for example.

baseball postcardbaseball postcardThis set features the art skills of C. A. Voight titled the Kidville Ball Team. Each card is individually numbered.  While I have eight cards, I am assuming there are twelve postcards in this series since the number I have are 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11. If you have cards missing from this series I would love to have scans, or better yet the cards!

baseball postcardbaseball postcardIn our hobby we always say the worst thing to happen is to find the 9th card in your eight-card set. So, in this case I am hoping there are no more than 12. But they are so charming, I am not sure I would complain.

The best part of our hobby is the quest for something we know exists but just have not found yet – carrying the checklist of what we have from show to show, sharing this information with others, getting the whole room interested in letting you know if they find one from your series.

baseball postcardbaseball postcardIt is this sharing of information I have enjoyed so much over the years.

More and more young people are pursuing our great hobby from the comfort of their office chair while scanning eBay. They are missing out on a lot of the fun of postcard collecting. It is sad that those new collectors are not giving themselves the opportunity to learn from other – sometimes lifelong – collectors.

So, encourage those young people to attend the shows and club meetings AND take them to a baseball game to smell the dirt, taste the peanuts and popcorn and hear the cheers.

1: Left Field
2: Center Field
3. Assume Right Field
4. First Baseman
5. Assume Second Baseman
6. Assume Third Baseman
7. Short Stop
8. The Catcher
9. The Pitcher
10: The Batter
11: The Mascot
12: Could be Coach, Fan, Bat Boy