Top-rated travel site reinvents traditional postcards

Imagine being able to mail your friends a personalized postcard and have it delivered to their mailbox without ever having to step into a store or post office. Then imagine the time you’ll save not having to find a store that sells postcards, choose the “best” generic card and make your way to the post office to buy stamps.

Now backpackers and vacationers anywhere in the world can upload their own photos from a computer to the popular ZoomAndGo travel web site and generate personalized, printed postcards that are then mailed out, through the postal service, to recipients. With every postcard sent, $0.20 is donated to the charity of the sender’s choice from a list on the site.

“It’s a traditional postcard with a digital twist,” explains Jonathan Haldane, CEO and Founder of the site. “Whether you’re on an adventure half way across the world, or at a celebration in your own backyard, you can now create a personalized postcard and have it in the mail within a matter of minutes. What makes it unique is that a person uses their own picture, chooses a handwriting style for their personal message, and then our proprietary online system looks after the rest.”

ZoomAndGo postcards are professionally printed and laminated real postcards (4 1/4 inches by 6 inches  or 10.8 cm x 15.25 cm) that are created online. Each postcard costs US$1.99 for delivery destinations in North America and US$2.99 for delivery destinations everywhere else. Payment for cards, which includes printing and delivery, is done through VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. Postcards are usually delivered within five to seven days for Canada and the U.S. and within seven to nine days for the rest of the world. As an added feature, all addresses used to send the postcards through a ZoomAndGo account (free) are kept in a secure database for future access.

“Postcards are fun to receive and they’re fun to send. They’re a quick, easy way to say ‘hey, look where I am’ and share your experiences,” says Haldane. “And that’s what ZoomAndGo is all about too. We’ve just made it really easy to personalize the experience, make use of technology, and keep the pop culture appeal of postcards booming.”, which has been described as “Facebook meets Frommers”, is critically acclaimed as one of the best social sites for exchanging reviews, tips, photos and videos related to travel. With a library of more than 15,000 user generated videos and 75,000 vetted and geo-tagged photos, the site provides honest, up to date and peer-reviewed points of view on thousands of destinations, hotels and points of interest.

“What I’m especially proud of is the charity aspect of the cards,” says Haldane. “We have seven selected charities with whom we are associated. For every postcard sent, $0.20 is donated to the charity of the sender’s choice. With our large number of users, we believe we can really make a significant difference in improving this world we all share.” is a rich-media travel experience Web site featuring the world’s largest online collection of user generated hotel and destination videos. ZoomAndGo has become a popular social hub for travellers with up to a half million international visitors a month and more than 20,000 members. The site offers reviews of hotels and lodging, attractions and points of interest, and places from around the world. Content is collected from users in exchange for cash which is then donated to the charity of the user’s choice. Contributors receive ten cents to one dollar for their content which is all vetted by an independent ZoomAndGo team.