Poster dealers team up to expand hobby’s reach

The International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (IVPDA), an authority on original vintage posters, is launching its fall 2009 Web show, “Posters for the Cost Conscious Collector.”

This online exhibit features original vintage posters priced less than $1,000. Ephemera aficionados can browse through the collections of the more than 60 of the world’s poster dealers when visiting the new Web show at

The purpose of the IVPDA is to make collectors aware that merchandise available through the Web show is vetted by the IVPDA and all posters sold through IVPDA members are original, vintage posters. All members of the IVPDA have many years of professional experience.

“Original vintage posters have always been a source of affordable art,” say David Pollack, president of the IVPDA. “This exhibition affords avid collectors the opportunity to continue pursuing their passion and also provides an accessible entrée for novice collectors.”

Hundreds of original vintage posters, each less than $1,000, of every genre including entertainment, military and propaganda, sports, travel, food, film, music and product advertising are represented in the exhibit.

These European, American and Asian items represent many eras including Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, Moderne, Industrial & Atomic Age, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco and more. Collectors can discover and purchase original vintage posters from acclaimed artists such as, Penfield, David Klein, Villemot, Leupin, and others. 

The International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (IVPDA) is a non-profit organization comprised of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced vintage poster dealers. 

Founded in 1996, the IVPDA, provides strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters its members offer for sale and to promote ethical and fair business practices throughout the industry.  The IVPDA informs and educates the public, collectors and other buyers and aims to promote the appreciation of the wide variety of vintage posters available from around the globe. Dealers that display the IVPDA logo have passed a series of stringent membership requirements.

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