Antiques of the Indies to merge and move

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Ann and David Silliman, longtime King Street antiques dealers in Charleston who specialize in early Southern Americana and antiques of the East and West Indies, have merged their two businesses – A. Fairfax Antiques and Antiques of the Indies – and relocated to 164 Market Street across from the Saks Fifth Avenue Market Street entrance.

Antiques of the Indies offers rare 17th through 19th century plantation and campaign furniture from the West Indies, Africa, India and beyond. These exotic and once remote colonial outposts were settled during the intriguing and romanticized period of European “expansion.” The exquisite European, African and Creole craftsmanship that emerged exhibits a local flavor that distinguishes each piece from its European antecedent. Antiques of the Indies is one of the few enterprises in the world focusing on these colonial decorative arts.

In addition, the finest in Southern Americana, previously showcased at A. Fairfax Antiques, will still be available on a private acquisition and placement basis, the cornerstone of the Silliman’s retail offering for the past 15 years.

“We are very excited to have a new, larger 4,000+ square-foot showroom that so beautifully simulates the proportions and spatial relationships of a light-filled plantation Great House,” says Ann Silliman.

The Sillimans have been mainstays in the world of antiques since 1991 when they developed and sponsored their first of many educational symposiums on the subject of colonial American lifestyle and decorative arts featuring author and appraiser Wendell Garrett. These weekend seminars were followed over the years by articles and lectures, appearances on local, national and international television programs and documentaries.

As the Charleston International Antiques Show gears up for its sixth exhibition in March, the Sillimans, who are founding exhibitors, will recreate the exotic elegance and genteel surroundings unique to the early colonies of the tropics.

“This offering is certainly appropriate for the bustling port city of Charleston which was commonly referred to in colonial times, as it is by many today, as the “northern most outpost of the Caribbean!” concludes Ann Sillman.

Antiques of the Indies is located at 164 Market Street, Charleston, S.C., and is open Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., or by appointment. For more information, call 843-577-6868 or visit