Rock ‘n’ Rowe – One Million Jukeboxes 2

From bebop to hiphop, Rowe International produces millionth jukebox

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Rowe International Corp., the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and home coin-op jukeboxes, and the leading maker of CD-to-digital upgrade kits is celebrating a musical milestone: the production of its one-millionth jukebox. The jukebox rolled off the assembly line July 11,representing the company’s 97 years of ingenuity in the automatic music industry, from the design and manufacture of automatic player pianos and 78-RPM and 45-RPM coin phonographs, to laser compact disc and digital downloading jukeboxes.

The company manufactures the NiteStar™ and Solara™ (floor format) and StarBrite™ (wall-mounted) Internet-enabled all-digital jukeboxes. Jukebox number one million, a NiteStar, connects to the AMI Entertainment Network, Rowe’s online music management service.

AMI Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rowe International Corp., provides digital music content and Web-based management services for the Rowe Internet-enabled jukeboxes. Rowe jukeboxes are designed with features like Any Song, Any Time™, which allows the music patron to search and purchase music by song, artist, album title or genre from a vast music library licensed by AMI Entertainment. It offers the patron a choice of more than a quarter-million songs, allows them to pay a premium to move their selection to the front of the queue, and to use coins, bills or credit cards to make purchases. It enables music vendors to apply genre filters to tailor content for a jukebox location’s music tastes, and customize selections according to the time of day and the day of the week.

“Since the early days of the automatic music industry, Rowe has been making musical history and advancing jukebox technology,” said John Margold, Rowe’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Back then, we were the first company to play both sides of a record. Today, Rowe is the only factory that maintains an online music service to support its jukeboxes, offering even more value to the coin-operated amusement industry. The strong acceptance of NiteStar, and all of Rowe’s new Internet-access jukeboxes, has helped us realize the extraordinary accomplishment of manufacturing one million jukeboxes.”

Many of the classic models from the various jukebox eras are on exhibit in Rowe’s jukebox museum in Grand Rapids. Their unique styles reflect the periods they served. The Arts & Crafts and Art Deco motifs stylishy paved the way for the later, and now classic, Mid-Century Design and flamboyant Sci-Fi designs of the 1960s. “Some of these early designs are a far cry from present-day computer-driven jukeboxes,” Margold said, “but they were the modern marvels of their time.”

While Rowe has earned its place in history as one of the most influential organizations in the coin-operated music industry, its new jukeboxes, also on display in the museum, illustrate how skillfully the company has kept pace with, and taken full advantage of, today’s information technology to provide 21st century patrons with the best musical entertainment available.

Distributor and product information is available at Rowe’s website,, or by calling the company at 616-243-3633.