April 2010

justin moen
Krause Books editor Justin Moen is interviewed by Harry Rinker on his nationally syndicated radio program WHATCHA GOT?

CLICK HERE to listen in as Justin talks about the process of putting together his flag ship title, Toys & Prices 2010, 17th Edition. This year he added a theme for each chapter but specifically focused on 1980s toys. He also reviews the grading process he uses to determine a toy’s condition for pricing. (The interview with Moen starts at 30:20.)

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antique typewriter

March 2008

February 2008

Mr. Mint:

Noah Fleisher talks with Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen about the hunt and the chase and the passion of collecting, and the upcoming Atlantique City show, where Mr. Mint will be an expert appraiser in many collecting genres.

October 2007

Mr. Mint:

Noah Fleisher talks with Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen about being king of the find and the upcoming Atlantique City show, where Mr. Mint will be an appraiser.

Matt Quinn and Dale Sorenson:

Noah Fleisher talks with Matt Quinn of Quinn Auction Galleries and Waverly Auctions, a sponsor of Atlantique City, as well as Dale Sorenson, an appraiser of books, maps and signatures for the upcoming show.

March 2007

Episode One:

A Preview with Eric Bradley, Scott Tappa and Eric Krszjzaniek.

Episode Two:

Friday Setting Up: Scott Tappa speaks with some dealers.

Episode Three:

A great find with Caroline Ashleigh in the Antique Trader Appraisal area and a recap with Kyle Husfloen

Episode Four:

Talking with Sunday’s $500 Bertoia Auctions Sweepstakes winner, talking with Ted from Ted’s Antiques, and catching up with the Zavaians in the Appraisal area.

Episode Five: The Epilogue

A roundtable discussion on how the show went with Eric Bradley, Eric Krszjzaniek, Scott Tappa and Tamara Beardsley.

Antique Trade Mark, Mark F. Moran’s little area of cyberspace, brings you a weekly podcast that delves into the news, events, and trends of the antique world. Tune in and hear what you’ve been missing!



News from the great state of Illinois show auction action with Mastro and Leslie Hindman going on in December. From never-before-seen cards to couture bags and purses, these are two auctions not to miss.


Mark relays info on a recent auction that saw very high prices realized for two women artists, as well as an upcoming auction of Old West memorabilia.

Episode 20: 10/12/07


Showtime Auctions has a tremendous showing in its Ann Arbor auction. Highlights include a cat gumball machine and a 7-foot by 6-foot tobacco advertisement.

Episode 19: 9/28/07


Amidst antique news frittered with bad news, Mark has found one story about an antique mall that isn’t as bleak as it may have seemed on the surface.



Episode 18: 9/14/07


Philip Weiss auctions off some great Schulz cartoons, not to mention a whole slew of other character and popular culture icons from yesteryear.

Episode 17: 9/7/07


The good people at Morphy Auctions are holding one heck of a sale coming up, and you can bank on that! With over 500 banks from a private collection and estimates of the sale well into the millions, Denver, Penn. is sure to have some bidding flurries in its forecast.

Episode 16: 8/29/07


Rago is having an auction with some proceeds benefitting the Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Newtown, Penn. Speaking of Penn, Rich Penn is having a hotly anticipated auction coming up in Des Moines, Iowa!

Episode 15: 8/21/07


Mark talks about Fenton art glass closing its doors after 102 years, as well as about the torrential weekend weather that rained out a few antique shows in Minnesota.

Episode 14: 8/6/07


New Numismatics Online Editor Lisa Bellavin joins Mark and Eric to hear about Jackson’s International huge sale

Episode 13: 8/6/07


Tupper Lake, NY is going to have a huge sale!

Episode 12: 7/20/07

Mark breaks down Showtime’s upcoming sale.
Topics include:  Fanciful gumball machines and a few lifetime collections that contain everything from advertising to tobacciana.

Episode 11: 7/11/07


It’s Antiques Week in New Hampshire!
Topics include:  Only one topic this week, and that is the week-long festival in New Hampshire that is known as Antiques Week. Joining Mark and Eric is new Editor of Antique Trader magazine, Noah Fleisher.

Episode 10: 7/05/07

A cool new interactive map helps the British find antiques.
Topics include:  Collect Fair lets people search for and list antiques stores – as well as giving a web option to store owners! Also, a history of Pre-Raphaelites.

Episode 9: 6/29/07

An incredibly rare photo of one of America’s favorite presidents! No, the other one.
Topics include:  Christie’s Canine Art with one very expensive painting from John Singer Sargent, and a Nest Egg Auctions photo of Lincoln before we knew him as "Mr. President."

Episode 8: 6/21/07

Cyr Auction announces that their exclusive and immense auction set for early July will be delayed.
Topics include:  Cyr Auction and what auction will be held, as well as Chicago Art Auction LLC’s strong debut with $900k in sales at their first auction.

Episode 7: 6/14/07

Antique: RECOVERED! An item is found thanks in part to Antique Trader.
Topics include:  An antique mahogany column is returned to its owner, the Tee-To-Tum Museum doll collection to be auctioned, and cowabunga! What an auction!

Episode 6: 6/05/07

A special Father’s Day auction from Barrett.
Topics include:  Rare antique architectural toys, as well as the return of "History Detectives" to PBS for a fifth season.

Episode 5: 5/21/07

News of an incredible art donation spreads to "Antique Trade Mark."
Topics include:  Colby College art donation and an Antique Trader advertiser survives a devastating tornado – and then helps the only way he knew how.

Episode 4: 5/17/07

Mark talks about a call he received from a hopeful "antique dealer."
Topics include:  Grateful Dead auction results from Bonham’s, a Tiffany lamp base brings high returns, and an upcoming Heritage Auction that will feature illustrations.

Episode 3: 5/7/07

Mark answers a reader’s question from the Antique Trader Forum.
Topics include:  The impact that the PBS program Antiques Roadshow has had on the collector’s market and recent auction highlights including the sale of a unique English teapot.

Episode 2: 5/3/07

Eric and Mark highlight three stories in the antiques world this week.
Topics include: Art Nouveau gates, a German typewriter, and more.


Eric Krszjzaniek spends a few minutes with Mark Moran — allowing the listener to get to know Moran a bit better.
Topics include:  Moran’s experience and expertises in antiques.

Featured Auctions will take an in-depth look at upcoming auctions of prominence, with Antique Trader staff conducting interviews with industry leaders.

Bertoia Auctions

The premiere auction house for fine antique toys and doorstops, Bertoia Auctions is constantly raising the bar in the quality of merchandise available at auction. Editor Noah Fleisher talks with Bertoia Auctions owner Jeannie Bertoia about the upcoming auction on Nov. 9-11, 2007.

Burchard Galleries Inc.

Burchard Galleries Inc. owner Jeffrey Burchard talks about what sets his auction company apart from the rest, and gives advice on receiving appraisals. Burchard Galleries, International Estate Antiques & Fine Art Auctioneers, are based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and can be reached at 727-821-1167 or 800-520-2787.

Upcoming estate, antique, and decorative & fine art auctons include a weekend auction on August 18-19, 2007.


Opportunities Auction

Newnan, Georgia auctioneer Preston Evans has a huge auction planned for his Opportunities Auction this Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-2, 2007, and is here so that you can hear what to expect!


Quinn’s Auction Galleries

Quinn’s Auction Galleries and Waverly Auctions have scheduled sales for June 6, 7 and 9, 2007, featuring antique toys and dolls, rare books and an array of vintage furniture, accessories and decorative arts. Click here to listen to descriptions of the rare items for sale.