Classic & Collectible Timepieces

Wristwatches are among the earliest of the fashions that truly had a great function and purpose other than serving as a stunning accessory. The beauty and innovation of their design wasn’t lost on many wristwatch-wearers, given the popularity of wristwatches as family heirlooms and collectibles. Take a journey through two centuries of wristwatches, with Reyne Haines, noted appraiser and recurring guest expert on The Early Show on CBS, in the recently released book Vintage Wristwatches.

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Learn — and maybe even WIN — with Online Events

Records and comic books are among the hottest and most talked about categories of collectibles these days. Now not every comic book is a million dollar find, or every record album a valuable gem – but there’s plenty of treasures to be found, if you know where to look, what to look for, how to make the best deal, and to know when to walk away. That’s what you’ll find in two upcoming online events through Read More +

Warman’s – It’s Got People Talking!!

“Whether it’s a Wonder Woman comic book, Lalique glass or a Gustav Stickley sideboard – this guide has it all. I know my copy will take up residence in my car, keeping me armed and ready for the hunt.” ~ Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer, Antiques Roadshow

“Warman’s Price guide is an essential tool for any treasure hunter. It is easy to use and has great photos.” ~ Leigh Keno, Leigh Keno Auctions
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Good books are found in the past

Looking for a good collecting investment? Take a good look at your bookshelf, or spend some time browsing used bookstores or online auctions, because there are treasures to be found in books. Plus, for collectors and avid readers in general, a return to classics and early modern literature may be the inspiration for a revival of appreciation in literature.
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Share the Gift of Collecting

For more than 55 years Krause Publications has served up a wealth of resources for everyone with an interest in coin collecting, and now Krause has a beautiful selection of coin folders to place your coins in. The Warman’s Coin Folders series brings together style and a sturdy design for the ultimate coin folder experience.
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Celebrate 70 Years of Comic Book Fandom

You’ve seen them on the big screen, battling the forces of evil, keeping the streets safe all while “mostly” keeping their secret identities just that, a secret. From Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, to Batman and Fantastic Four, these marvels of the movie screen all got their start in the pages of comic books. And as you’ll see in 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, they are far from the only notable heroes to come from the comic book community.
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Great Picks from the has references about just about everything you can collect, and then some. With that many books, CDs and downloadable resources, it helps to have a few recommendations. Whether you’re tuned into the topics covered, the Picks this month are worth a look – as they tell go beyond identifying and pricing.
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