ROYAL MANIA? A look back at Royals on postcards as William & Kate make history

The British royals are unique in their ability to grab headlines and generate excitement, especially for big events like births, anniversaries, coronations, birthdays, and above all, weddings. When an heir to the throne marries, it’s superstar time. Prince William, Charles and Diana’s handsome son, will marry his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton,today in Westminster Abbey.
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Street scene postcards illustrate urban development

Collectors love postcards picturing the small towns and villages of the early 20th century, especially real photographs. Shown left, this slice of life postcard is rather unusual in portraying a ghetto scene on the East Side of New York, one of the most densely populated areas of the city. The H.H. Tammen Co. published this view of an undesirable area of the city.
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Celebrate President’s Day in style with George Washington and vintage postcards

Does anyone celebrate President’s Day? There’s something so bland about the made-up holiday that it must pass most people without a flicker of interest. A century ago, George Washington’s birthday was a red-letter date. An impressive number of postcards were made and sold to celebrate his life and his birthday — so many that they’re still fairly easy to find.
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Toys enhance vintage Christmas postcards

Sometimes it’s the little details that make a postcard stand out from similar ones. This is certainly true of Christmas cards that show the toys children might expect from Santa Claus in the early 1900s. The toys spilling out of Santa’s bag tell a story all their own and add to the charm of the artwork. Read More +