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Street scene postcards illustrate urban development

Collectors love postcards picturing the small towns and villages of the early 20th century, especially real photographs. Shown left, this slice of life postcard is rather unusual in portraying a ghetto scene on the East Side of New York, one of the most densely populated areas of the city. The H.H....

Toys enhance vintage Christmas postcards

Sometimes it’s the little details that make a postcard stand out from similar ones. This is certainly true of Christmas cards that show the toys children might expect from Santa Claus in the early 1900s. The toys spilling out of Santa’s bag tell a story all their own...

Postcard Album: Candy-themed postcards sweet to collect

How many of your happiest childhood memories involve guilt-free indulgence in candy? Chocolate bars, homemade fudge, cotton candy at the county fair, jellybeans and all-day suckers are the comfort food of the young, and it’s easy to be nostalgic about enjoying sweet treats without any concern for the consequences.