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Postcards document oil’s wins, losses

Do you remember when oil was called “black gold” or “Texas tea” in the “Beverly Hillbillies’” theme song? Striking oil was the ultimate source of wealth, more desirable than gold or diamonds. It flowed out of the ground, and no one gave much thought to running out of it.

Postcard Album: Recycled postcards: art or crime?

A friend recently saw several baskets made of postcards at an auction and wondered if postcard collectors were interested in this type of novelty. The answer brings up a major divide between artists who think their art takes precedence and collectors who cherish the ephemera of the past.

The mischief makers

Our local super-store has one sad rack of postcards with little to tempt even the most avid collector. A hundred years ago the situation was vastly different. Almost every topic under the sun was depicted on postcards, but none appealed to the general buyer more than adorable children.

Animal wonderland on postcards

A huge project is underway to catalog every one of the 1.8 million species on planet earth. According to a BBC News report, this huge Encyclopedia of Life now has 30,000 pages and is scheduled for completion in 2017.