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Hartzler Ohio milk bottle

Collecting vintage and antique milk bottles

Lewis P. Whiteman gained notoriety for patenting the “glass” milk bottle in 1880. Today, most collectors seek bottles that are embossed or pyroglazed with the names of the dairies on them but it’s the color, picture, name of the dairy, shape and condition of the bottle that also helps determine the value. Learn how...

From suds to strummin’, vintage washboards are in demand

As adults we have daily and weekly chores and one of those is the dreaded wash day for doing laundry. Now, young collectors are getting interested in the unusual, ridged antique primitives. Prices of vintage and antique washboards vary depending on the type of board, size and condition, the appearance...

History of Ohio’s covered bridges in postcards

History was never one of my favorite subjects in school, but as a “more mature” adult that has changed tremendously. Working for the largest indoor antique market in the world has opened the door to new adventures and given me a whole new perspective on history as well as life.