Collecting vintage and antique milk bottles

Hartzler Ohio milk bottle

Lewis P. Whiteman gained notoriety for patenting the “glass” milk bottle in 1880. Today, most collectors seek bottles that are embossed or pyroglazed with the names of the dairies on them but it’s the color, picture, name of the dairy, shape and condition of the bottle that also helps determine the value. Learn how affordable it can be to collect vintage milk bottles from the days of home delivery. Read More +

Atlanta antiques dealer carves out market for Georgian style furniture

Antique furniture comes in many styles and everyone is different when it comes to decorating their homes. Some may like Mid-century Modern or Victorian styles; while others may enjoy Duncan Phyfe or Georgian furniture. Georgian is a period of design in English furniture from 1714 through the early 1800s. It is also a period rich in the terms of new styles and the craftsmen who invented and brought this era of furniture into every household around the world. The Georgian period is broken down into three stages: early Georgian (1714 to 1740); mid Georgian (1760 to 1790); and late Georgian (1790 to early 1800s). Read More +