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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Memory Jugs

Memory jugs were made by placing small everyday objects such as keys, screws and nails, glass vials, shells, nuts, and jewelry on the surface of bottles or ceramic jugs using putty, cement, or other adhesive matrix. Test your knowledge of this unique American folk art with this list of Ten Things...

AT Inbox: No such thing as a ‘good war’

"There is ... no such thing as a “Good War.” That headline on the cover, and then on page 22 (see Nov. 3 edition) has to be heart-breaking and sickeningly offensive to millions of people and families literally around the world who lost loved ones in what you call “The Good...

Event Group to Promote new Madison Bouckville Show

The history-minded collector won't find many Thanksgiving cards of interest, but Thanksgiving postcards are easy to find, colorful, and reasonably priced, for the most part. Almost every publisher in the early 1900s issued greetings for the holiday, but do they tell anything about the Pilgrims they commemorate?

New Waterloo antiques show postponed

WATERLOO, Iowa — Main Street Waterloo has decided to postpone its “At the Crossing Antique Fair” due to a lack of dealers. Though a date has not been set, Main Street Waterloo plans to organize an antique fair in 2011.