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A trendy sensation: Vintage aprons inspire a generation

When Rosie the Riveter traded the noisy factory for a cozy kitchen she turned in her coveralls and tied on pretty and practical aprons. Thanks to changed societal values and a media blitz, this switch to domesticity had a big effect on women’s fashions in the post-World War II world.

Collectors prop up growing bookend hobby

Familiar illustrations show medieval monks laboring over one-of-a-kind manuscripts, distant forbearers of modern books. Their painstaking works stayed chained to slanting reading stands or lecterns, accessible only to a privileged few.

A cultural gift to treasure

Over-the-top-giving is something the average citizen can’t afford during this or any other holiday season. It may be fun reading about one-of-a-kind posh presents Neiman Marcus touts, but faraway trips in regular planes – let alone private ones – are out of the question for most people.

Volunteers remember heroes

Built of solid concrete in 1935-1936 and occupying an entire city block, the Fresno Memorial Building proved an imposing example of what is known as “Monumental Moderne with Art Deco details.”