A Jewelry ‘Good Buy’ vs. ‘Goodbye’ : What’s selling and what’s sitting with costume jewelry dealers

Expert Kathy Flood offers a candid update on the often-fickle jewelry market, listing what’s selling and what’s sitting. "Recently I purchased an enameled base-metal pin clip for $15 and sold it for $1,500. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing for jewelry, I don’t know what will. Why, you could even pay for a week of your ungrateful child’s college tuition with such a sale."

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Vintage blue costume jewelry is this year’s hot new trend

Blue jewelry is often slammed as the domain of yesteryear’s little old ladies. Kathy Flood writes the factor of blue in jewels arose as a column subject while trying to purchase an Eisenberg Original ballerina brooch. While you might be able to snag a highly desirable Eisenberg Original sterling mermaid with lemony-citrine stones and beads for, let’s say, $1,500 to $2,000, the Eisenberg Original aqua lady hued in blue fetched $3,100.
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Oh! Tannenbaum: Verrecchi vintage Christmas tree pins a holiday delight

Influenced by their father’s jewelry engraving experience, Alfeo Verrecchi’s innovation and his brother Gino’s know-how built one of the world’s greatest costume jewelry companies. Gem-Craft cemented its history in American costume jewelry thanks in part to their wonderfully diverse line of Christmas tree pins. The Gem-Craft line was a fixture at Bloomingdale’s, Marshall Field, Saks Fifth Avenue and, soon after, America’s design culture. Read More +