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Collecting without cash

For many collectors, collecting funds aren’t merely short – they’re non-existent. Discussing collectibles for under $10 isn’t much use when one doesn’t have $10 to spare.

What has happened to eBay?

I haven’t sold anything on eBay in months. I haven’t purchased anything for weeks. I haven’t even bothered to browse the listings in quite some time. I still receive daily emails listing items from my saved searches, but I read them with low expectations.

Collecting character advertising dolls

Dolls may well be the most collected item in the country. Character advertising dolls are not as popular as many other types of dolls, but this is good news for those who love them. They’re far more affordable than many other dolls.

Knowledge creates golden opportunities

Knowledge can make the difference between a great buy and a high priced mistake. It’s important to know as much as possible about collecting areas of special interest. This knowledge can lead to golden opportunities and, perhaps more importantly, prevent costly errors.