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BRAFA: Between Continuity and Renewal

BRUSSELS — Bernard De Leye has been an active member of the Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair board since 2000, and the fair’s vice president since 2002. In a recent interview, he talked about new developments at the fair and the growing participation of foreign galleries.

The Lalique mystique still captivates collectors

To say that René Lalique was a gifted artist is something of an understatement. Lalique was that rare combination of design genius and prolific innovator, whose creations brought him acclaim during his lifetime, and whose legacy is still the focus of collector fascination today.

Fenton going out of business after 102 years

WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. – More than a century of glass production is drawing to a close with the announcement that Fenton Art Glass Co. is going out of business. Company president George Fenton blamed foreign competition and rising natural-gas prices.