Batter up! Hillerich made sluggers for sluggers

Few baseball fans would argue but that there is a certain fresh smell about a new baseball– sort of a clean, earthy smell. But without that piece of lumber called a bat, the ball would be no more to the game than a meaningless sphere orbiting through the air as it is tossed from one person to another. Read More +

Portrait of Nag’s Head

In the summer of 1869, Dr. William G. Pool of Elizabeth City, N.C., took his family to the seashore for a few weeks. The place he chose was a small resort called Nag’s Head. It lay on one of the long sand banks separating the ocean from the coast of North Carolina. Read More +

Mel’s Musings: Antique fakery

Every collector should be constantly alert for fakery and reproductions within his category of collecting. However, many collectors mistakenly assume that an object is reproduced, faked or copied only after it has become classified as an antique or collectible. Read More +