How Sèvres survived the French Revolution and why it’s so hard to avoid fakes and pastiches

sevres floral holdersSèvres porcelain was favored by European royalty, the aristocracy of the 19th century, and the 20th century’s great collectors. Its story begins in 1708, when, following frenzied experimentation, as German alchemist Johann Bottger discovered the formula for strong, delicate, translucent hard-paste porcelain. Learn more about this exquisite art and how the market treats the difference between Sèvres and Sèvres-style porcelain.
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Legacy of the Russian Icons: Authentic Russian lacquer boxes follow artistic tradition

Russian lacquered boxes, miniature painted works of art that developed from icon painting in the 18th century, abound in depictions of folklore, fairy tales, costumes and traditions. There are four distinct styles, represented by four schools of Russian lacquer art, which are named for the villages of their creation, Fedoskino, Palekh, Mystera, and Kholui. Read More + changing how dealers approach the world, formerly known as Vintage and Modern, Inc., is an international, online marketplace that represents over 150 dealers of quality antique, vintage, and contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles, home accessories, jewelry, and art from around the world. By connecting buyers who seek one-of-a-kind items directly with sellers, it avoids middle men, additional markups, and commissions. Read More +