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The warmest month …

February has always been my most hated month. The bitter cold, the short days and the lack of good produce… What’s to like, really? If any month forgot to pay its rent, then it’s February.

Changes at eBay leave sellers angry

When eBay CEO and president-elect John Donahoe stood before the gathered crowd at the company’s third annual e-Commerce forum in late January, most people knew that some kind of change was about to come.

eBay’s bold move and its consequences

This week has been all about eBay, which is odd to say because last week was also all about eBay. Last week it was because longtime CEO Meg Whitman was stepping down. This time it's because CEO-elect John Donahoe is stepping up. Boy oh boy, is he stepping

Pop Culture clash

I had a very good friend when I was in my 20s named Erik, and he was an expert on Pop Culture. We had become friends on the first day of college. We had similar tastes in music, literature and television. Our friendship remained close until, more than sev

The Luck of Washington

As I write these words, we’re one day removed from the February President’s Day holiday – that great 1968 creation lumping presidents together in a Monday federal holiday bacchanalia of consumerism meant to drive us to the malls to shop.

Blaze consumes Olde Good Things Warehouse

A blaze that consumed a warehouse belonging to antique architectural salvage company Olde Good Things in Scranton, Pa., does not appear to be suspicious, and started in the basement, according to Scranton Fire Inspector James Lunney.

The sacred and the profane

Antique Trader runs a story about significant architectural findings at the First Temple site in Jerusalem and a person on a popular online auction site is selling their soul for $1 Million, plus 41 cents shipping cost. Coincidence?

Ashleigh returns to AC Oct. 20- 21

When the Oct. 20-21 edition of Atlantique City comes in a couple weeks, Caroline Ashleigh – Antiques Roadshow personality, expert appraiser and owner of her own business, Appraise Your Art – will be back for her third year.