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The Real Thing

Santa Claus is a transcendent figure indeed, one that is known – in some form or other – in most corners of the “civilized” world. How many, however, can actually say that they’ve actually seen the jolly old elf?

Antique Trader Inbox 3

Never let it be said that Antique Trader readers aren’t a diverse lot, as these pages have shown in the past few months, and as this week’s letters show again.

Barry redux and done?

It was my sincere hope, after last October and this close to Christmas, to not have to pen another word about Barry Bonds until he was ceremoniously denied entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Better Living Through Technology?

When it comes to photography, technology is certainly the great equalizer. We can take pictures on our cell phones, with our big fancy digital or ultra-thin super high-tech cameras that we can slip into our shirt pockets and go casually on our way.

A season of change

With change comes purpose. It’s a universal truism, indisputable. The universe is in constant flux as, it seems, so are people. Change is everywhere, everyday.

Ashleigh returns to AC Oct. 20- 21

When the Oct. 20-21 edition of Atlantique City comes in a couple weeks, Caroline Ashleigh – Antiques Roadshow personality, expert appraiser and owner of her own business, Appraise Your Art – will be back for her third year.