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Paul Kennedy is the Editorial Director of Antiques & Collectibles Books, Krause Publications. Have a book suggestion or a question about our book line? You can contact Paul at 715-445-2214 ext. 13470 or via email at

Behind the Spine: Beatlemania remains eight days a week

Beatles-signed tour program

Do you recall the original wave of Beatlemania? It was a time that changed the landscape of music forever. Today, the Beatles music continues to enjoy much fanfare, and based on trends in music memorabilia auctions another round of Beatlemania seems to be taking place within the collecting community. Learn more in Paul Kennedy’s latest Behind the Spine column… Read More +

You go girl! At 50, Barbie still shines brightest

Little could Ruth Handler have realized her first attempt at doll making would help create not only a fabulous doll, but also a touchstone of cultural politics and one of the most amazing success stories in the history of children’s toys. Not bad for a woman who was simply trying to give her daughter something fun to play with.
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