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Vintage Leap Year Postcards

Bachelors have long been the butt of much humor – some of it burlesque, some of it dark. To help alleviate their condition and allow them to escape the fate traditionally assigned to lonely, single men, legend and folklore give maidens the right to pop the question themselves once every four...

Golden days of movie magazines

As early as the 1890s, Americans began reading about the new “moving pictures” in general interest publications. A few short-lived periodicals devoted exclusively to “the flickers” appeared and disappeared in the opening years of the 20th century.

Old Ironsides: An American Naval Legend

Launched more than 200 years ago as one of our young nation’s earliest fighting ships, the U.S.S. Constitution – affectionately called Old Ironsides by generations of Americans – has long been a most beloved natural symbol of liberty and freedom.

Presidential dads

He may be “Mr. President” to the rest of the nation and a feared and respected world leader abroad, but at home around the White House, he’s just plain old “Dad,” “Pop” or “Daddy,” to his kids. Father’s Day has often been a holiday celebrated at the nation’s executive mansion.