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Farm livin’ is the life for me …

Farm memories. My grandparents lived on a farm just outside Spencer, Wis. I stayed with them every summer until I was old enough to prefer a boyfriend over a visit to Grandpa and Grandma Schultz's house. Funny thing is, I remember so much from my farm visits, while the boyfriends'...

From the AT Staff: Tradition

Never mind that Halloween candy is barely polished off and leftover Thanksgiving turkey still lurks in the refrigerator, all of a sudden it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

Mmmm, good!

I’ve been a pie connoisseur for lo, these many years. My expertise is in the tasting and the critiquing of the crust’s flakiness. Because I’m a perfectionist, sometimes it takes more than one piece to be sure that pie gets a thumbs-up!

Inside look at the Inuits

Inuit art. Last year we traveled to Alaska and got to see Inuit art up close and personal. We took a side trip to a village, a living history museum, where we got just a small taste of the way life was for generations of Inuit people.

Balancing Act: The Wallendas

Circus families live and work together, the older generation teaching the younger ones. From earliest childhood, youngsters learn the skills and disciplines necessary to achieve perfection in the performance of their craft. For seven generations, the Wallenda family has carried on this tradition.