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Speaking of Dolls: Once odd, now interesting

Remember the Edsel from the 1960s and the Pacer from the ’70s? These items are different, a variation of what is in production. Sometimes they are accepted and become part of production but often these introductions are just a little too odd and after brief exposure are relegated to the back...

Speaking of Dolls: Chinas: Out of the shadows once again

Because of early discrimination, china shoulder head dolls have remained in the shadows of doll collections for many years. Some collectors would not even have one in their collection and some that had one or two chinas often displayed them in the back behind their French and German beauties.

Speaking of Dolls: Baby, it’s cold outside

The New Year brings resolutions and new dreams but it also brings snow and frigid weather to many parts of the world. Snow is not always welcomed by adults but for children, snow means snowmen, igloos, sledding, skiing, snowballs and rough and tumble fun.