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Speaking of Dolls: Room for one more

“Smaller” is being heard more and more often at doll shows around the country. For a while, “cabinet size” was the size of choice. Collectors favored the dolls measuring 12 inches to 16 inches but today, we see collectors looking for dolls even smaller.

Dolls – a sure bet

People sitting on stools staring at the blinking machines in front of them, groups standing around tables tossing dice and people staring at screens with numbers flashing across them ... We walked through the smoky casino and entered a world of dolls.

Speaking of Dolls: A family with an eye for business

In the doll world, the name Armand Marseille is a familiar one. According to The Collector’s Encyclopedia, “The popularity of the Armand Marseille heads is attested by the fact that a greater number of their bisque heads are found on dolls than of any other identifiable manufacturer.”