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About Steve Evans

Steve Evans entered the retailing business in 1975 at the age of 18 by opening the Jacksonville Guitar Center in Jacksonville, Ark. He has been collecting vintage guitars since then, and has dedicated one end of his retail building to the Jacksonville Guitar Museum, displaying his vintage guitar collection, which, in addition to vintage Fender, Martin and Gibson guitars, includes more than 150 circa 1930s-1950s Cowboy Guitars with Western artwork and a few hundred plastic toy guitars. Evans can be reached at the Jacksonville Guitar Center, 1105 Burman Dr., Jacksonville, AR 72076; 501-982-4933;

Log truck buckle

Figural Buckles: Impressive 3-D models at home on a belt

In a special Collector Feature, Antique Trader contributor Steve Evans discusses collectible belt buckles. This lesser-known collecting interest offers quite a few options for starting and forming a collection, and they are definitely on the more affordable end of the collecting spectrum.
Hawaiian art guitar

Rocking the art guitars of the 1930s-’50s

Before pickin’ and grinnin’ truly captivated the eyes and ears of the American public, the art guitars of the 1930s and ’40s supplied enticing sights and sounds to the masses, as Steve Evans explains in his latest Collector Feature.

Head fiddles: Violins with character

If you thought expert wood carving and inlay work was only typical of fine furnishings, Steve Evans feature about head fiddles – with their elaborate design and whimsical character – will have you seeing things in a different light.