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Burning stones: Mining history tells a dark tale

Despair settled in the grimy creases of a face made old through wear. His lungs sucked heavy dust with every breath, his bones deformed from repetitive labor. His hands are cut, and often bleed from handling thousands of stone shards. The boy is 8 years old and for whatever reason he...

Take these postcards with a grain of salt

The history of salt is the history of the earth. More than 500 million years ago many areas of the globe were under the vast oceans. As the sea retreated from the land mighty deposits of salt were left behind, often hundreds of feet thick.

Bunnies, buns and bouquets

Holidays are not all that simple. Many have religious roots that have been converted to secular events and secular events converted to religious ones. Springtide, or Easter seems to be one of the oldest rites celebrating the rebirth of the earth – or resurrection.

Coney Island

Long before Walt Disney created mega entertainment locations, there was a place known throughout the world as the premier amusement destination – Coney Island.

Levittown: The birth of the ‘burbs

Suburban living comes in many forms. When my dad returned home from serving in WWII there was no housing available. Today, at 87 years old, he reminisces that he would have been grateful for a Quonset hut or an apartment but neither could be found, so for several years he and...