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Understanding the Underground Railroad: New research changes perceptions

The National Parks Service Network to Freedom held its third National Underground Railroad Summit in Indianapolis Sept. 16-19. The highlight was the appearance of the dean of the nation’s Underground Railroad historians, Larry Gara, whose ground-breaking work, Liberty Line, published in 1961, changed our perception of the Underground Railroad.

The Network to Freedom: A stop on the Underground Railroad

Mount Pleasant is kind of like Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone by their first name, and you don’t see much traffic. Off the beaten track, it doesn’t have even one stop light. But what makes this unfairly neglected hamlet special is that it played an important role in the battle to end...

Wes Cowan – In search of history

Wes Cowan is truly someone you could describe as the salt of the earth. Affable, easy-going, with a rich baritone voice that hints of his Kentucky roots, he makes you feel right at home when you are with him.

The Dr. Richard Eells House

Dr. Richard Eells, a Quincy, Ill., abolitionist, lived on the borderline between slavery and freedom during the antebellum period. His house, only blocks away from the Mississippi River, was a stop on the Underground Railroad.