Antique glass clubs prepare as Mega Glass Convention stands to make history

Man has been producing glass since about 3500 B.C., and it’s been held in high regard in America since Colonial times. Now, more than 400 years after glass was first produced at the Jamestown settlement in Virginia, collectors will gather in America’s heartland to celebrate this glorious substance in one place. The first Mega Glass Convention will be held July 7-9, 2011 at the Marriott Overland Park Hotel.
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From ‘Mad Men’ to ‘Chicago,’ antiques dealers find new money in film and TV prop rentals

A legend in the movie prop business is Newel LLC in Manhattan. Owner Lewis J. Baer runs the company his grandfather Meyer Newman founded in 1939 as a “prop house” for Broadway shows. The company’s six-story building at 425 E. 53rd St. is stacked with furnishings, from 17th-century European Renaissance through mid-20th century designs. Keeping track of it all allowed little consideration for selling. Read More +