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Brimfield brimming with treasures

Brimfield, Mass., is ordinarily a quiet New England community of 3,000 residents, except for three weeks a year when it becomes a tent city populated by tens of thousands of antiques sellers and buyers.

A candid look at antique toy sales

A preponderance of auctions in the antique toy market has put a crimp on show dealers like Tom Sage, but like a Lehmann Dancing Sailor, the veteran dealer from Allentown, Pa., still has a lot of spring in his step.

Cowboys, Indians still dominate Wyoming landscape

Western Americana commands a strong following in Wyoming, but many antique shops can be found in the Cowboy State’s small cities and towns. A good place to start is Cheyenne, the capital and largest city, just a 90-minute drive north of Denver.

California: Forecast improving for antique trade

California’s sunny climate makes every day antiquing season. A good place to start is the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. It is the largest market in the state, attracting about 2,200 vendors and an estimated 20,000 customers the second Sunday every month.