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Ladies platinum and diamond Art Deco wristwatch.

Take time to discover luxury watches

Now is as good a time as any to discuss watches available on online marketplace Ruby Lane. If you think about it, luxury watches are precision-made technical instruments, they’re fashion accessories, and they’re an investment. With more than 2,000 fine and vintage watches to choose from on Ruby Lane, and prices...

Jay and Melanie Thomas

The Buck Stops Here: House hunting with downsizing in mind

For those who don’t know, Jay and I closed the doors to our brick and mortar store two years ago. Since then, we’ve concentrated on the show circuit while trying to kid ourselves that we’re retired. We’re not. Perhaps semi-retired might best describe our lifestyle. So when it came time to...

French enameled jewelry casket available on Ruby Lane

Ooh La La: French antiques aplenty on Ruby Lane

Search for “French” on and before you pops up more than 5,000 different selections of French antiques from the half million items available through the online marketplace. Antiques & Uncommon Treasure of San Marcos, California, offers a unique early 19th century mother-of-pearl Palais Royal tazza (currently sale priced at $447)....

Antoinette Rahn

Antique Trader editor sends a fond farewell

Antique Trader editor takes new position It’s been a few weeks since we’ve connected. During this time, which we’ve taken to calling the ‘summer hiatus,’ a lot has gone on. One of the things to have occurred is a change in leadership of this celebrated antique and collectibles reference. After nearly...