24 charged with Native American artifact looting

Exciting news … especially when we just went to print yesterday with a front-page feature on collecting Native American artifacts … Score one for the good guys!

From the LA Times:

24 charged in crackdown on Native American artifact looting

Reporting from Washington and Denver — Striking at a longtime practice
in the Four Corners area, federal authorities Wednesday unsealed
indictments against 24 people in what they called the largest
investigation ever into the looting of Native American artifacts on
public lands.

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This is an area of collecting where extreme caution must be exercised.
There are only a handful of auction houses in the U.S. that handle reputable Native American artifacts (they’re listed in the Antique Trader feature on collecting in this area).

BTW: You can read the article on collecting Native American artifacts here: Collecting North American Indian artifacts

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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