“Antique” from 1984?!

My Mother called the other day and asked me to see if I could find a
replacement handle for her vintage Mirro pressure cooker on the
Internet. Confident, I said “sure.” I really wanted to find a
replacement for her because I didn’t want to give her back the cooker
that she had given me.

Unfortunately, I had no luck finding the handle for her model. I exhausted all the cookware parts suppliers that I was
aware of and had to resort to my favorite online auction site: eBay.

While perusing the vintage and antique cookware listings, I came across this listing:

What is wrong with this picture? “Antique Visions Rangetop Cookware 1984 by Corning.”

I realize that sometimes we use the term “antique” rather loosely when it comes to describing “old stuff,” but 1984! Not even close.

— Karen