Antiques Roadshow – time well spent

I usually try to catch the Antiques Roadshow on Monday nights. (I’m watching right now—Grand Rapids, Mich. … I missed about half of the show, but I’m enjoying what I am seeing …) I admit it, I’m a “Roadshow junkie” …

A bit ago, a group of Mather work incentive posters made it on the air. I have to say the only time I’ve seen them is in auction previews and reviews. It was nice to see them in the hands of a collector.

The Roadshow collector purchased the posters at a show, and they were rolled up under a table. What struck me was he paid $1,500-$1,700 for these posters that he didn’t know exactly what they were.

He must have a really good eye, because the group ended up being valued at $13,000-$19,500!

I get excited for the folks on the Roadshow when I see them get excited. I guess I’m happy they’re happy!

What was your favorite item on the Roadshow tonight? Did I miss anything really good?

Jasper Cropsey painting $300,000-$350,000! Get a chair under that lady before she collapses!

—Posted by Karen

Karen Knapstein

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