Can you feel the excitement?

I just finished proofreading the majority of the pages for this week’s Antique Trader (cover date May 27), and I have to tell you folks: It’s another issue packed with intriguing antiques and collectibles features and news. That’s one thing I’m excited about.

Another thing I’m excited about that I want to share:

Last night I was trying my darnedest to watch the Roadshow. It was bad enough that last week it wasn’t on. Worse: This week it was on and my daughter seemed to be determined that I not watch it.

Seven o’clock rolls around and I have chores yet. OK – so today is her turn to bring snacks and drinks to soccer. We absolutely HAD to take care of that. (Her last two games the kids who were responsible either forgot or weren’t in attendance, so there weren’t snacks for the hungry kiddos on her team when they finished playing. We were NOT going to be grouped with those other two kids. There WILL be snacks tonight!) So we whipped up some fruity crispy rice bars and gathered up the juice boxes. Check that task off the list!

Dinner is on the stove … I’m trying not to burn it. Check that off!

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

“Grab some cereal! I want to watch the Roadshow!”

“Mom, I don’t want cereal!”

“If you’re not eating what we’re eating you’re having cereal or toast. I’m not cooking two dinners!” (You parents of picky eaters may know the frustration I’m experiencing at this point.)

Clean-up. Check that off!

By now it’s past 7:30. I’m getting more and more frustrated. By now, just “the look” makes my daughter think twice about arguing … but she still does.

By the time I get to sit down and watch my favorite Monday night show, it’s almost quarter to eight. I do get to catch a very satisfying appraisal though that casts a shadow over all the frustration leading up to it.

Did any of you see the 18th century turret-top game table with an old refinish that was estimated to be worth $200,000-$250,000? I was elated for the lady whose grandmother had such fantastic instincts that she purchased it “way back when.” I’ve seen a lot of excited people on the show, but few who are actually moved to tears. I don’t deal with tears very well. I tend to tear up myself. At least these were genuine tears of joy.

Now I feel better. Much better.

It’s an affirmation that those fantastic finds are still out there, whether they’re in granny’s parlor or Aunt Bess’s attic — they ARE out there. We just need to teach ourselves (or seek out advice from those who already know) how to spot those hidden treasures.

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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