Can you identify this pig?

From the latest “Kyle on Antiques” column:

12Pig AT 7-30.jpgQ  This print was removed from an
office of a closed-down petroleum company. It is 47 1/2 inches by 34
inches. At the top is printed “Bank by Andy Warhol. Pretty as a
pigture, huh?” Though it certainly looks like something Warhol would
paint, but I have been unable to find anything about it.

­—H.P., Pampa, Texas

A  I did quite a bit of research
online to try and determine if this is based on the artwork of Andy
Warhol but didn’t have any luck. Of course, he produced hundreds and
hundreds of designs and I couldn’t locate a resource that lists them
all. The value of this piece will depend greatly on how scarce it is
and whether Warhol actually licensed it as an advertising piece. Of
course, original Warhol silk-screens are extremely valuable but huge
numbers of reproductions of them are available today at modest prices.
My guess is that this isn’t a terribly rare item but perhaps some
reader may be able to enlighten us further.

If you can help, please post a reply here.