Design and value

I had an interesting conversation with my husband the other day. After an on-air appraisal (I’ll bet you can guess which show we were watching) of a George Nakashima table (1967) valued at $50,000-$60,000. [Click here to view the table and read more about it.]

My dear husband was somewhat dumbfounded. He said “That’s not even old!” That was so sweet as I too am of 1967 vintage.

Anyway, what followed was an interesting discussion of value based on design and the designer versus value based on age. Of course, both need high quality craftsmanship. He said he didn’t even like the way the table looked. It looked “plain” and “too new.” He favors the 19th century Victorian look versus the Modern look.

My personal tastes follow along the same lines as his (another reason we get along so well together).

The attraction (demand) for so many to any finely designed and crafted furniture — no matter what the style — makes it valuable … it’s not just the age.

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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Karen Knapstein

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