Great Tibetan painter dies

Tinley Chojor was a very well-known name in Buddhist art circles.

Chojor painted many many beautiful things, among them the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery in Woodstock, NY, just across the mountain from where my best friend and his family had a house in the area, and where I spent many happy hours as a young man in my 20s.


This is a picture of Chojor in Woodstock, takinga break from his work.

Chojor’s awesome lines were second only to his deep belief in the philosophy he was charged with painting. He was a native to Tibet, who learned the art from his father.

This story is from the Times Herald Record, based in the Hudson Valley, where I lived for almost a decade.

I would say I’m sad, but not really. He had an amazing life and leaves behind an amazing legacy of great art – ceratinly the best at his craft in the states, if not all of the world. According to the Buddhist principles that Chojor based his life and art on, he’s already moved on toward his next life.

Rest in peace to a great artist.