How does your garden grow?

Just in time to flip the calendar over to June, Mother Nature delivered a beautiful weekend to Wisconsin.

Our neighborhood was abuzz with mosquitoes and the sounds of lawn mowers. Everywhere I looked, I’d see the backsides of those dedicated gardeners and landscapers bent over their task to make their yards beautiful.

I confess I did not inherit my mother’s green thumb. Something closer to a black one, in fact. Unfortunately, even with a copy of “Gardening for Dummies” in my hands, I still can’t seem to make a go of it. No offense to the authors, I’m sure.

But that doesn’t stop me from sight-seeing in the summertime. I love to see what those dirt diggers come up with to create their artistic landscape. Their garden havens. More often than not, my eye is drawn to an antique that adds just the right flair to their outdoor display. I’ve seen everything from milk cans and wheelbarrows to tractor seats and all variety of farm implements. These are rusty old things. But somehow, they only add to the beauty.

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Who knows, you may inspire me to give this another try!

— Robyn