How was your summer?

Labor Day weekend is only a few days away. Summer is ending and we can soon look forward to
crisp autumn days and even cooler nights. We’ll be turning up the
thermostat and preparing for higher heating bills than ever before.

this summer, I asked vendors at flea markets how their businesses were
doing. Answers varied between “really good,” “good,” and “struggling.” Some felt the
second-hand market would be okay, that it would be the retail stores
that would be hardest hit, though I have seen quite a few notices
lately of long-time shops and malls closing.

In light of the economy and the struggle for many to make ends
meet with rising prices in the grocery stores and at the gas pumps, how would you characterize your business this summer?

This week, Antique Trader wants to know: How would
you characterize your business this summer?

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— Karen