How your knowledge of antiques and auctions can land you on reality TV

There’s still plenty of chances for collectors to launch their reality TV career. A casting company is seeking professional antiques buyers and sellers for a new show from the producers of PBSs’ “Antiques Roadshow.” The ideal antiques TV superstar: better than amateur-weekend-flea market hobbyists – those who really know their stuff.

“We want to cast real pros who have the tenacity to scour flea markets for gems, have the expertise to know what an item is worth, and have the drive to beat out their competition,” said Boston Casting owner Angela Peri. This is the first time PBS is putting out a casting call for a show like this, effectively jumping on the antiques-reality TV phenomenon.

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The new show will be part treasure hunt, part game show, and part expertise test. It’s expected to be a weekly, one-hour series combining the public’s growing appetite for bargain shopping as a talent, sport and a necessity. Mixing it up will be three key elements: competition, time pressure and money.  Each week the experts will travel across the country to compete in a hunt for the most valuable treasures.  The expert who makes the highest total profit at auction is the winner.

To audition: submit a photo, brief bio, antiques/collectibles expertise, and contact info to the city nearest you:

Los Angeles
New York
New Orleans

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